You hate getting your picture taken- like a five year old hates having to share with his sister. We get it. You don’t want to be told to smile or look over here or tuck in your shirt or comb your hair- jeez! That’s why we won’t tell you those things. We are all about the natural. The quirky. Whatever YOU you already are.


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a photograph of our children every single day of their lives.

Who Do We Think We Are?

Felix and Sara wanted to be a rock star and an Indian princess (respectively). Those didn’t work out. But when our son, Dash, was born we decided to take a photograph of him every single day to document his growing up. His sister, Magali, was born when Dash was three and now we were taking two pictures a day. We tried to make the pictures unique and keep it fun for our kids by never saying “smile” and not interfering with their little lives too much. Shortly after Magali’s birth, professional photographer and all around cool guy, Mark Ostow, saw the images of Dash and Magali and not only suggested to Felix that he should devote his life to photography but helped him do it. Now Felix and Sara have been photographing children, weddings, pregnancies, boudoir, head shots, chickens, and bugs professionally for more than ten years. We have fun jobs.

We met each other at Disney World and have been married for twenty four years. Our son, Dash, is seventeen and is incredibly serious about video games, and our daughter, Magali, is fourteen and can tell you everything you could ever hope to know about Justin Bieber and nail polish.

We are all kind of geeky. We like sci-fi and musty museums, weird movies and long books.

And we make art. We can prove it too… Just give us a call 🙂

More About Felix

me Once Felix was in CVS buying some honey roasted cashews. There was one line at the register and two registers open. When one of the registers became free a lady who wasn’t in line quickly stepped up to make a purchase. Maybe she didn’t realize there was only one line but it’s doubtful. He didn’t say anything, though.

Felix’ original rock band lost the “Battle of the Bands” in a tiny club in Orlando to a Ratt cover band. But the important thing is that they had fun and nobody got hurt.

Felix and Sara’s family were walking around in Harvard Square when their six year old daughter, Magali, decided she didn’t want to carry her American Girl doll around and asked Felix to return it to the car for her. As he walked to the car shifting the doll from hand to hand he realized that there is no way for a forty year old man to look cool carrying an American Girl doll through the crowded streets of Harvard Square.

When Felix was four years old he was examining a bug or something on the ground when his three year old brother peed on Felix’ head. Felix was really upset and ran into the house enraged and crying. When he told his mother and all her dinner guests what happened they all started laughing. But it’s not funny.

When Felix was eleven his father bought the wrong size bag ties and couldn’t tie a bunch of cables together because the ties were too small. Felix suggested his father try linking two ties together. His father told him he was “pretty smart.”

Felix has what borders on a disability when it comes to shopping. If Sara sends him to the store to get a box of Cheerios, he will stand in the aisle staring at the wall of choices until it all becomes a huge blur of screaming text and colors. He is unable to differentiate between brands and shapes and names and he quickly becomes paralyzed with overwhelm. Sara does most of the shopping for the family.

More About Sara

Sara Sara seriously doesn’t like vegetables. She’s living proof that you can grow big and strong without eating your greens. So I guess your mom was wrong.

When Sara was five she was at a birthday party and was scared of the clown. Then the clown turned out to be her dad. Now she’s scared of her dad. (Just kidding)

When Sara was tiny there was a little fairy gnome sculpture in one of the windows of her family’s garage. She would take special trips to the garage just to see it. Sometimes she would go out there for a visit and it would be gone. And then she would come back and it would be back. That’s because it came to life and went on little walks by itself.

Sara sneezes really loudly. Like, really loudly. Everyone in the room jumps and the guitar on the wall rings for several seconds afterwards. It’s pretty impressive.

Sara loves Coca-cola. It’s her favorite drink. She drinks a lot of it. Is Pepsi OK? No.

In the car, Sara forces her children to listen to NPR instead of Ariana Grande, for some reason. “Earbuds going in,” says twelve year old Magali.

Sara’s older sister said that when the flowers next door got ripe they turned into bees. Sara always walked around the hedge instead of through it.

Sara tries to make all animals look at her. Especially little furry ones. She just wants to pick you up and rub you on her face! You’ll like it! But they probably wouldn’t.


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